Rapid DataStage Upgrades
 with Advanced Automation 

Bring your DataStage platform up to date with zero stress

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Minimize manual effort, cost, risk, and elapsed time associated with upgrading your DataStage environment.
Employ a carefully structured, automation-focusssed upgrade approach, delivering tangible wins early, and often.
Eliminate upgrade anxieties, and quickly benefit from the new capabilities of the latest versions of Information Server.

Upgrade Your DataStage Environment the Fastest Way Possible

Want to move to the latest version of DataStage but aren't sure where to start, how long an upgrade might take, or the cost involved? Concerned that being stuck on an older version is robbing you and your team of access to cutting-edge DataStage features and faster delivery techniques?

IBM's Rapid DataStage Upgrade is a combined software-and-services offering which addresses these anxieties using well proven, automation-driven tools and techniques:

  • Free upgrade assessment through the detailed, automated analysis of your DataStage solutions
  • Assessment-based estimates of upgrade duration, costs, and approach
  • Automation of the upgrade steps, including the creation of a full regression test suite, enabling integration testing within days
  • Repeatable processes, supporting a project-by-project go-live through continuous integration and deployment.
  • Flexible month-by-month subscription to the offering's software and elite services
  • This offering minimizes or eliminates code freezes and downtime while re-assuring both developers and budget-holders with frequent, highly-visible progress.

The rapid upgrade experience leaves you with your upgraded code under version control, plus opportunities to further improve testing and delivery practices through DevOps techniques.

A Few Simple Steps

It only take s few short steps to create your own Project Report Card.
Register for an account
Start by going to the the registration form and creating a user account using your work email address. You'll receive an account activation email with a link to activate your account. Once your account is active you can login to your account.

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Provide some background information
Capture your client’s responses to the pre-engagement questions in a commonly used file format (.txt, .doc, .xls, etc.)

Check out the questions

Capture your project files
Ask your client to generate a zipped file containing an ISX export of each DataStage project which they are planning on migrating to their new target platform.
Creating as Project Zip File
Check out our guide to the process of creating a DataStage project Zip file to upload for analysis by MettleCI.
Upload your client's project file
Upload your client’s zipped export file to the website for automated analysis by a cloud-hosted version of MettleCI. You’ll receive an acknowledgement email on successful upload of your file.

Upload your project file

Explore your Project Report Card
MettleCI's detailed project analysis typically takes only a minute or two, even on very large projects. When it's completed you’ll receive an email with a private link to your client’s Project Report Card (like this one) detailing empirical metrics from your DataStage Project.
Your Project Report Card results, in conjunction with your answers to your questions, will provide Data Migrators and IBM with the data they need to formulate an estimate for your sizing your upgrade project.
Note that the supplied report is deliberately redacted. A complete, unredacted report is availble with a paid Rapid DataStage Upgrade subscription
Direct questions to questions@mettleci.com.