Client Upgrade Questions

Please provide us with answers to these quesions...

DataStage Solution

How many DataStage Jobs are in scope for upgrade? Over how many Projects are these spread?

What version(s) of Information Server are you running?

What types of stages feature heavily in your solution?
What types of data sources and target are you connecting to?


What is your current IIS version, planned target version, and topology of each environment?
SMP, Grid, High Availability, etc.

How may environments exist between Development and Production?
What are their names and roles?

What types of non-DataStage assets form part of your solution?
Shell scripts, SQL scripts, reference data files, etc.


How do you currently qualify your Jobs for promotion from Development to Production?

What types of test are performed and what technologies do those tests use?


When did your last DataStage upgrade occur?

How big was your solution at that point, and long did the entire conversion process take?

What are your biggest anxieties about upgrading?

Software Delivery

How do you currently deploy jobs between environments?
For example, manually, Shell scripts, IBM Urban Code Deploy, JFrog Artifactory, etc.

How do you orchestrate the execution of your DataStage projects?
DataStage Job Sequences, Cron jobs, IBM Workflow Scheduler, Control-M, etc.